Wonder Women 1984 Movie Review

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First of all you may have some questions related to wonder woman 2.That in order to watch this movie is it necessary to watch wonder woman 1. The answer is Yes, if you have not watch first part and directly watching the second part then 1st half of this movie can be boring for you. Wonder Women 1984 Movie Review.

Second question can be “Is it necessary to watch all the movies of DC in order to watch wonder woman. The answer is No, Because just like wonder woman 1st part in 2nd part also there is nothing such that in the movie which is linked with DC. So if you haven’t watch any of the DC universe movie then also you can enjoy watching wonder woman.

Wonder Women 1984- Movie Review

Not Spreading Any Spoilers

We can’t tell you much about the story because they have not reveal much in the trailer so we will not give any spoilers. But in the movie wonder have a fight with two villain at the same time. The point which they have reveal in the trailer we can talk about that the main hero who was there in the first part. Steve Trevor has come back again in the second part. The biggest concern which we had that the characters who was killed in the first part they are bringing that character back in the 2nd part.

Then there will be some solid reason. If they have bring him back without any solid reasons then the first part impactful ending will be get meaningless. But in the 2nd part of wonder women the reason to bring Steve Trevor was logical and justifiable reason if we compare with wonder woman universe logic. When they bring him back then the humor also come into the movie.

Why I Have Said That You Should Watch 1st Part Also?

So why i have said that if you have not watch 1st part of wonder women then you will find 2nd part little bit boring. Because the first half of wonder woman 1984 is move on slow pace. The characters which are important for the movie director have given good time to setup those characters. So when you will watch the big action sequences in 2nd half then it will create great impact.

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Generally when we talk about sequel about any movie then according to that the story of this movie was very good. It was not well rounded as first part there are some expositions which are dumped. But then also the way story is written and the elements which are put in the movie it will get exciting to watch the movie.

Actors Performance

If we talk about the performance of the actors. Then all the actors have played their role very well. Gal Gadot has done a fantastic performance as a wonder woman like in the first part. Chris has also done a great job he has bring humor in the movie. Many of the time you will laughed when you will see his facial expressions. Pedro Pascal has played a role of main villain in the movie and performed very well and we don’t think so that someone else could give such a performance.

Action And Thriller In Wonder Women 84

After the actors performance the next best thing which will stand out in the movie is action. The
smooth AF action you will see in the movie which credit goes to Pete Jackins. Really the way action scene is shoot in movie like that aspect very much. In order to elevate the action more background music come into use. In this there will be the such scenes were definitely you will have goosebumps.

A Movie Which You Must Watch

In Wonder Women 1984 there are very little problems which can be ignore which doesn’t impact the whole movie. That’s why in result this is the movie which everyone should watch. If you have watch the first part then definitely you should watch the second part.

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