Will God Of War Be Released For PC?

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Recently, there was a rumor that the latest version of PlayStation’s God of War will be released for Windows soon. The news is too exciting for game lovers but is it true? Will God Of War Be Released For PC?

Many users are happy that they are not going to buy a PlayStation to experience God of War. But what is the probability that we will see this happen?

Will God Of War Be Released For PC?

Last year, Horizon Zero Dawn, an exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console, was released for PC. It has already been confirmed that Days Gone, another PlayStation exclusive, will also be available for PC gamers. 

The release of God of War for the PlayStation 4 was a huge event. God of War is the second best-selling game of this console within the first 3 days of release. In fact, if it weren’t for Marvel’s Spider-Man, the God of War record of 3.1 million copies would probably still be strong today. Within a month, sales of this game reached 5 million copies, and a year later, it reached 10 million copies. This means that the latest version of God of War is the best-selling part of this series.

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Of course, God of War was not the only Sony game to achieve such success. Horizon Zero Dawn also sold ten million copies. In fact, it was these successes that gave users no hope of releasing Sony-exclusive games for any other platform. The start of the new generation also heated up the competition between Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft now has Bethesda and can make the Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls its monopolies. On the other hand, Sony should also think about compensating this issue.

But the release of Horizon Zero Dawn for Pius upset all equations. Sony’s policy has changed and it no longer seems to be a monopoly on old titles. Horizon Zero Dawn sold on PlayStation 4. It was a great sale too. But why not send more profit to Sony? Naturally, the release of the game on the PC platform was welcomed by users, and this is what made Sony softer to look good on PC gamers. In fact, this is why we can hope that the rumor of the release of God of War for PC is not just a raw fantasy.

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Is The Rumor True About God Of War PC Release?

Horizon Zero Dawn was released for PC and at the same time we found out that the next part of the game called Horizon Forbidden West has started. We can have a different view of this issue. The release of Horizon Zero Dawn may lead more fans to experience the Forbidden West hype. As a result, since it is not clear when the game will be released for PC, they go to Sony consoles and turn their back on PC gaming. This is actually a positive view that makes the marketing of the Horizon gaming series a boost and helps Sony to sell more of its consoles.

On the other hand, it should not be overlooked that God of War is the reason many gamers buy Sony consoles. So we can not draw the same conclusion for this series. A powerful display of the game is enough to persuade everyone to head to the PlayStation 5. As a result, there is no need for a PC version of God of War to boost this procedure. But we can never ignore the impact of money. We know without a doubt that God of War is becoming one of the best-selling games on PC.

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