Why Tumbbad Movies Is Still A Masterpiece

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TUMBBAD is such a movie which can defeat many of the big Hollywood movies. There are some movies which cannot do business on box office but some of those movies leave an great impact on people’s mind and their heart which remains for long time. Tumbbad was movie like this whose impact was very much powerful. Though this movie has come 2 years back but still many of the people remember it because of its story and cinematography and many other reasons. Lets get into it, Why Tumbbad Movies Is Still A Masterpiece.

Why Tumbbad Was A Masterpiece?

So we today we will talk that TUMBBAD Movie is still an masterpiece. There are some rumours that Tumbbad movie didn’t get even one award also. Let me tell you that till yet Tumbbad movie has won 10 awards. This movie has also won 3 Filmfare Awards for Best production design, best sound design and best cinematography awards. Now lets talk about why this movie is an masterpiece there is 3 reasons behind it.1st reason is its superb story which was based on Hindu Mythology. The type of Horror that this movie is represented was completely different. It also shows that how much deep is Indian Mythology.2nd reason is Amazing acting many of the times its said that if actors is good then it will increase up the level of worst script also. But here the script was brilliant and actors has done great work then you can imagine yourself that insane will be the movie.3rd reason was its cinematography on which Directors has worked very hard because of which it comes out as a masterpiece movie.


The main thing is that this movie budget was only 5 crore which is incredible in context of seeing Bollywood movies budget. It means creating up this level of movie at 5 crore is insane because many a times we have seen many of the movies who’s budget is 50 crores or 100 crores but the movies is pathetic not up to the level and actors performance in that is not up to the level of movie.

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Why Producer Himself Starred In TUMBBAD

Do you know that this movie was rejected by more than 6 producers then after some time when writer get to Sohum Shah then Sohum got ready to produce this movie. He like the movie very much, he was so dedicated towards the movies that in order to launch the movie didn’t left much money with him and after that he sell up all of his property in order to make this movie and launch this movie. He has done the role of lead actor as he didn’t have money to pay for Actors. We were able to see his incredible performance into the movie which made this movie an masterpiece.


Overall Tumbbad movie was not only movie it was perfect cinematic experience in which there was high class as well as entertainment. We are damn sure that if Tumbbad was sent instead of Gully Boy in Oscars then definitely it has win Oscar award. But Sadly Indian audience didn’t give much love or appreciation to Tumbbad as they should give it. Many of times Indian audience says that Bollywood is garbage, good movies are not produce in it but sadly when Tumbbad came Audience didn’t able to recognize it well but now some people are realizing its importance. We hope that in future Indian audience will not do this mistake will appreciate well movies like this.

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