Why Is Emma Stone Planning To Sue Disney?

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After Scarlett Johansson, now it’s Cruella’s turn. After Scarlett Johansson, it is now said that “Emma Stone” also intends to sue the company for the simultaneous release of Cruella on the Disney Plus service.

Cruella was released simultaneously in cinemas and Disney Plus on May 28 (June 7). While the film was well-received by audiences and critics alike, the box office figures were not so impressive that many people believe the combined release of the film has reduced its box office sales.

Why Is Emma Stone Planning To Sue Disney?

Disney’s last best-selling film was Black Widow, which, of course, did very well at its opening weekend, but it seems that Natasha Romanov herself has suffered a great loss from its release. It was announced yesterday that Scarlett Johansson intends to sue Disney for breach of contract and the simultaneous release of the film on the Disney Plus service. Johansson’s salary seems to have depended on the box office sales, which he believes has hit the box office hard online. It looks like now , but Stone is set to continue.

Matt Blooney, the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, said in his exclusive What I’m Hearing خبر newsletter that the Cruella star is considering filing a complaint.

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He goes on to say that Johansson enjoys the widespread support of other artists and that this does not seem to be going away any time soon. Disney’s lawyers, on the other hand, quickly responded to the popular actor’s action by issuing a statement. According to them, Disney has fully complied with all the clauses of Johansson’s contract, and his salary has also increased with the online release.

While Johansson is undoubtedly a powerful figure in the world of cinema, it will be very difficult to deal with another very powerful company like Disney. Despite the possible complaint, Stone from Disney may cause a lot of problems with the company’s online service of about $ 30.

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