Who Is New White Vision In WandaVision?

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The WandaVision series is going as we expected, its a awesome mini series from Marvel. With introduction to many new characters and storyline. Who Is New White Vision In WandaVision?

The first appearance of White Vision in the Marvel movie world was strange and we weren’t ready for it.

Who Is New White Vision In WandaVision?

In one of the sequences after the titration of the eighth episode of the WandaVision series, we saw that the head of the SWORD organization activated a new version of Vision. A version that is completely similar to the famous Vision but has a white appearance. This appearance is known as White Vision.

If you’ve read the ’80s Avengers comics or experienced Captain America and the Avengers arcade games, you’ll probably be familiar with this unusual look. But if you do not know how White Vision differs from the usual green, yellow and orange versions, then join us to explore the world of comics.

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The white appearance of Vision dates back to 1989 and the storyline of the Vision Quest comic West Coast Avengers. In this story, Vision’s body is completely destroyed and Hank Pym is forced to reassemble him. Although Pym was able to physically regenerate this synthezoid (minus damage to the shell).

Reviving his artificial mind was an impossible task. There is no way to recover Vision memories. Worse, Vision was programmed with Wonder Man mental patterns, and this time Wonder Man will not allow his mind to be copied again.

The result was that Vision was reborn without any of its memories or the humanity it had acquired. Now we were dealing with an insensitive Android. Such a thing certainly did not please the taste of Scarlet Witch, who was waiting for her husband to return.

Obviously, there are many differences between the comic book version of Marvel and the Marvel movie world of Vision. In the first step, the Marvel movie version has nothing to do with Wonder Man and is based on Tony Stark’s old AI called JARVIS, which was animated with the help of Mind Stone. However, it is conceivable that the Marvel movie world version of White Vision has much in common with the same White Vision Vision Quest.

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During the Vandavision series, we find out that Surd agents are rebuilding and arming Vision. The series also reveals that the original Vision is almost completely gone, and Wanda Vision is made up of memories, emotions, and the part of the mind stone that remains within Scarlett Witch herself.

Logically, White Vision Marvel Cinematic Universe is merely an imitation of what we came to know as Vision, with no gemstones or access to its past files and memories. WhiteVision is initially a raw copy of the original vision; A copy that will have all his abilities and powers but not his warmth and humanity.

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