When Will Extraction 2 Start Shooting?

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stOne of the most watched movie on Netflix, will definitely be getting a sequel. Looks like all the rumours about the release of sequel is true. And now it’s confirmed by director that sequel will be coming. So the question remains, When Will Extraction 2 Start Shooting?

As seen the situation that Netflix is in currently, it will surely be not be starting this year. When released back in April 2020, Extraction quickly gained so much viewers and it became one of the most watched original movie in Netflix. It was watched more than 98 millions within just 4 weeks of time, that’s quite a lot.

When Will Extraction 2 Start Shooting?

It’s like few days back, Will There Be Sequels For Extraction? Confirmed and now the director is saying so too. With filled with action sequence, fights and plot, Extraction is one of the breathtaking movie ever. The biggest contribution in making this movie a success is Chris and all his stunts that he performed. Sam Hargrave, who first time directed a movie, crafted this series so well

With a smooth and action filled plot, Extraction’s ending surely invited a sequel to it. Left the viewers thinking about what happened to Tyler and how he survived. And short after rumours started flowing about sequels, it was not later when announcement for second outing was made publicly.

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Few days back Chris Hemsworth confirmed about second outing and now it’s Joe Russo. The writer and co-producer of Extraction, Joe Russo took fans by surprise when he announced that the second film for Extraction is expected to start it’s production next year.

Joe Russo said: Yeah we’re still working on Extraction 2. We’re in the script phase right now but we’re hoping to shoot that sometime next year. And then you know, say I’m super excited, Hemsworth’s super excited, Netflix is excited so it’s really just a function of getting the script done.

Although, a confirmed date of filming the second part is not yet decided neither announced. But looking at Chris’s busy schedule which states that he will be busy for first 2021, shooting Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia. It’s safe to say that the movie may start its shooting at 2021 end. But it’s good knowing that sequel will be coming and we will get to see our hero saving some more people.

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