Vratice Se Was a Hit After It Was canceled Honest Series Review and Budget

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Vratice we rode (SERENITY: SERANKIT) is a Serbian television series based on a novel. It is broadcast on B92 tv in Serbia. The show is directed by Goran Gajovic and written by Milan Kundera and Ranko Bo žić. Four episodes of the Vratice se rode series have been filmed in different countries including Italy, Spain, Romania and the United Kingdom.

The story is set in contemporary times in present day Belgrade. A young man from a poor family, Aleksandar is sent to join the warlord’s army as a secret agent. But soon he realizes that his assignment is not as secret as he thought. With the help of some other secret agents, he is also faced with different situations and has to find ways to save his life.

The Vratice se rode series is filmed on location in various places in and around Belgrade. The budget is limited and the crew is required to work in limited time. They are also required to follow the strict deadlines for shooting. Despite all these constraints, Vratice can be seen in almost all the popular international television channels.

Vratice The Amazing Set in Limited Budget

The Vratice set was filmed in limited budget with a lot of improvisation on the sets. The budget was originally intended to cover only one season but due to some complications, the producers had to shoot for two seasons in total. Although the budget was limited, a lot of money was saved for the actors and the director as well. Most of the main actors returned for the second season including Aleksandar, Ondja, Filipovic, Milos, Soso and Djordjevic.

Vratice was eventually canceled after the first season but this did not stop it from being aired in different countries. The Vratice se was aired all over the world including Russia, Turkey, Australia, America, Romania, France and Germany. It was even seen in the Hallmark movies. Vratice was later made available on DVD. Vratice has also been screened in different countries in an English dub, which was made by Bangla DirecTV.

Vratice was produced by Shine Television, a division of the cable network Shine. Vratice features an all-star cast headed by Djordjevic along within actors Soso and Aleksandar. Vratice was a box office hit and its sequel Vratice 2 is in pre-production. There have been several changes made to Vratice series since it was first aired. A complete list of the Vratice cast and crew can be found at Vratice’s official website.

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