Torbaaz Movie Review Is It Worth?

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with Indian industry making its impact all over the world many Indian movies are not launched on international platforms, like Netflix & Amazon Prime. Netflix has been producing and releasing many Indian movies under its banner. Such movie is newly released movies, Torbaaz. Lets see, Torbaaz Movie Review Is It Worth?

Netflix’s original movie Torbaaz is recently released, starring Sanjay Dutt. Its a crime, drama and sports based movies. The movie features a heart warming storyline of children’s who lost there homes.

Torbaaz Movie Review Is It Worth?

Overview Of Movie Torbaaz

It is written and directed by Girish Malik. Signed Sanjay Dutt as an X-Indian Army officer Nasir Khan, Nargis Fakhri as Ayesha who runs NGO in Afghanistan and Rahul Dev as Kazar who is leader of in movie. If we talk about film story the massive destruction in Afghanistan which is caused by after that the children’s which are living up in refugee camp. In order give children’s a new direction towards their life through cricket is the main motive of this movie which is performed by Nasir Khan(Sanjay Dutt).

As we have told you earlier Nasir Khan is an X-Indian army officer some years ago his wife runs the NGO when for the children’s in Refugee camp. But in a suicide attack Nasir Khan wife and his child get dies in that incident. Now after years of that incident he is still in that trauma and not able to overcome from that incidence.

What Happen When Nasir Goes To Foreign?

After some years Ayesha again called Nasir Khan to Afghanistan for some event of NGO. After reaching there all of his past memories came to his mind. When he meet with childrens then he start mixing up with them again, he tries to give them new path towards life. In order to show this disasters and destructions in Afghanistan the movie show 15 years ago time in starting 5-10 minutes of movie. The film is based on cricket training which Nasir khan gives to the children’s who are living in Refugee camp. But this part of cricket training which is 70% part of the movie is not filled up of any extra creativity. Only there is one Punjabi characters from India go to Afghanistan to trained those children’s. But that character also is not developed in good way.

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Cricket Craze In Movie

There is shown a competition between Kabul Cricket team and Torbaaz cricket team in the end. The biggest drawback of this movie is that its not able to give justice to any of the characters. As we have told they have not shown any creativity in cricket training. There is one thing that the cricket team which is build in Afghanistan people have craze about that even the Talibaan forces have craze about the cricket all this shown in the movie.

Sum Up of Torbaaz Movie

Overall Torbaaz is an Dull and Uninteresting movie and its story is very much predictable. When you start watching this movie then its possible that you will not able to complete the full movie. Their performance or story telling area there is nothing such to appreciate.

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