The New Mutants Movie Review 2021

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This is 13th and last movie of X-men series. Before 3 years back when this film trailer was release so many of the people was excited for this film. Because its was first superhero horror film many of the people thinking that we will see something new in this film. The New Mutants Movie Review 2021, lets get into it.

But after that the film get postponed and after that in mid of lockdown in august 2020 they have release up this film. When theatres was first time open in Lucknow during corona time period then the first movies which was shown in the theatres was this movie only.

The New Mutants Movie Review 2021

Reason Behind Delay in Movie Release

The reason behind the delay in release of that was also that Fox studio was bought up by Disney so because of that many of the scenes have to be re-shooted in movie and some other reasons also. The film was very disappointing not up to the point as people thought up of this film. It was quite
confusing also that why they have made up this film and spent up so much money on it. Their was nothing in the movie because of which it can grabbed up the audience attention.

Movie Story

If we talk about story there are some young mutants. They are being locked up in some facility by hospital. First of all they are being told that they are being given training that how to control your powers and people outside city have danger and risk from you. But after sometime they feel danger for themselves from the doctor who is there in the hospital from him. After that they try to come out of that place.

Film Protagonist

The film main character Dani she has powers that where ever she goes because of that the people surround her they start seeing up some creatures in real from which they fear. Means the fear of the people come in front of them take as a creatures. So because of Dani the rest four mutants started seeing these creatures.

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Because of that the Doctor who is taking care of them get orders to terminate Dani because its power are very much harmful and we can’t control her powers. Then rest all the mutants stand together with Dani to save her and says that this is not fault of Dani. So they fight and try to come out of that place together. So overall is the story of full film.


But in the whole movie there is no proper character development and film is very dull and the situations which they have shown up there no proper sense everything starts from anywhere. The reasons behind these situations and incidence, so in full film there is no place where interest is being build up in the film and neither we able relate up with any of the characters.

Rest what are your opinions on the films if you have watch up this film then let us know in the comments.

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