Sweet Home Web Series Review

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With the upcoming season, Netflix is all set to release some awesome series on its platform. Netflix recently released a Korean series named, Sweet Home. The series is based on horror and drama portraying a fight between humans and monsters. The series has lot of potential, so lets see Sweet Home Web Series Review.

Netflix’s Sweet Home series is considered one of the scariest series on its platform. The series is based on Line Webtoon, but the series character have portayed there role with 100% of there self. The series is worth watching

Sweet Home Web Series Review

Overview Of Web series

Sweet Home story is about Complex green home where many of the people lived. One day in their city many of the monster come because of which whole city reach in state of Lockdown. Now how the people survive in this complex house. In order to know this you will have to watch this web series. You can watch this web series on Netflix, its available in various foreign language. We like this web series in various aspects. If we talk about story here you will see monsters, people have to do fight with monsters and also have to survive only this you will not see in web series. You will see many layers in the web series which is being well explore in it. Its screenplay is highly engaging. Episodes Lengths:

The web series is of 10 episodes and every episodes length is of 55 minutes. But still there will be no points where you will feel bored. Its keep you engaged with it throughout the movie. Here you will feel thrill and nail biting tension. The good thing is that its don’t show all of its card in front of you in beginning. Everything in the web series open up in the web series one by one. The narration of this webs series is top class. There is one thing which is very good either its Korean movies or Korean web series they explore up the emotion in very good way.

Characters Architecture

In web series characters arc is shown in very awesome way. There are many characters in the web series who’s nature and backstory are shown in very balanced way. Because of which we will able to build connections with the characters. In this web series you will see different types of monsters and visually it presented in very impressive way on screen. This series action was also very superb and all the choreography of the actions was awesome. In between the scene transitions done very perfectly. At some places in it the background music that you will hear will give you a thrill feeling.

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Negative Points Of Series

Now if we talk about the negative points of this web series. Although in this web series monsters are represented in web series in a very good way but at some places the VFX is very poor. Apart from this the BGM that you will hear mismatch with scene at some places.

Overall Thought About Sweet Home

Overall if we talk about Sweet Home is fantastic web series. The craziness, thrill and energy that you will should feel while watching monster movie all those feeling you will get in this movie. Its also connect you with it emotionally. If we keep all these things in mind then we will give this web series 9/10.There are no such nudes scene or sx scene and no use of abusive words in web series. Here there is little bit blood shade in the web series. There are some scene which should not be shown to small kids. So this was the full review of this web series.

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