Review of Crash Landing on You Series Finale Review and Budget

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“Crash Landing on You Series” is a web comedy that was created by Korean artist Kim Tae Hee. It is a comedy drama that revolves around two main characters – Young Min and his best friend, Park Geon. They are two cousins who are best known for their hilarious actions in front of the camera. The show has been receiving good feedback from viewers since its inception and it became a trend to make comedy TV shows that revolve around funny stuff with very little action. And “Crash Landing on You Series” is just one of these great shows. This review will discuss some of the Crash Landing on You Series facts and characters that have made this show a hit among viewers.

The story of Crash Landing on You Series revolves around two young cousins who move to the United States as orphans following the birth of their first born son. There, they become friends with their new neighbors Ravi and Nupin and the three of them enjoy living life to the fullest while struggling to manage their own daily life as well as dealing with the other people they come into contact with. In the final episode of the series, the three cousins find themselves in a real pickle after their neighbors decide to sell the house that Ravi and Nupin have been renting out to some new couples.

The first episode of Crash Landing on You Series focused on the dynamic between Min and Nupin. Min wanted Nupin to get a good score in school so she went to Nupin’s house and tried to encourage him into doing better. However, Nupin refused and instead decided to go home and wait for his parents there. When he finally did, however, he discovered that the entire family had turned into zombies because they had forgotten to kill their son.

In the second episode, titled “Symphony” of Crash Landing on You Series, Hyegyong gets kidnapped along with Hyun Bin. Although he was a very loyal and trusted bodyguard of Hyun Bin’s, he had learned that Hyun Bin used to give him drugs on a regular basis without telling him what they contain. On top of that, when he tried to go back to his own home, Hyun Bin locked him inside a gated compound.

Hyegyong Sneaks

Hyegyong sneaks out of the compound and starts to take care of his father, while Chae Soo tries to convince his fellow classmates and members of the Korean guard to look out for Hyegyong since he is their son. Meanwhile, Nishi Min tried to convince his superiors at the Korea guard company that Hyegyong is a criminal and a danger to the security of the facility. But Cho Sung Doo, the company’s newly appointed manager, refused to listen and instead gave Hyegyong his job. With this, Chae Soo decides to take revenge by torturing Hyegyong to death. Later, he realizes that Nishi Min was right about Hyegyong being a criminal but he still decides to free him because he saw past and future in him which saved him.

The third and final episode of Crash Landing on You will be aired on Tuesday’s at 9PM on KBS alone. I am so looking forward to this drama because it is going to make my week fun and exciting. The music, the story, and the acting are all great. This show has a lot of unique elements that make watching it a fun and thrilling. The romance between the main characters is really touching and at the same time funny. Because of the story and the actors, I think this will be a hit in South Korea and even in the United States.

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