Possible Elden Ring Release Date Rumored

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A new report from Kadokawa Corp. shows that Elden Ring is currently being developed by one of their subsidiaries and will not be released until next spring. Possible Elden Ring Release Date Rumored.

Apparently, the expected date of this game has been set for April 2022 (April 1401) or shortly thereafter.

Possible Elden Ring Release Date Rumored

The outbreak of Corona virus seems to have had a huge impact. On the speed of development of the Elden Ring game. So that the developers of this game have been forced to delay its release date until 2022. And not much information about the game has been made available to fans yet. The Elden Ring is not expected to be available until March 2022, according to the latest financial report from Kadokawa Corporation, of which FromSoftware is a subsidiary. Also, according to this report, the first official release date of the game could be April 2022 (April 1401).

Silence FromSoftware game developer Elden Ring after its official introduction at E3 2019 has apparently been annoying for fans of game director Miyazaki and the Dark Souls franchise for some time now. It has been almost two years since the latest official information about the game was released. However, the presence of Bandai Namco at E3 2021 increases the possibility of releasing a new trailer for Elden Ring in June this year. A seven-second clip also reported that according to some people on this topic is relevant.

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Now, despite the fact that it is almost three years since the official introduction of Elden Ring. At the press conference until the official release of the game, there is one year left. It’s unclear whether the highly anticipated title will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Or whether the developer will ignore last-generation consoles for the best possible experience on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X / S series. At the disposal of users.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game released by the developers of Elden Ring, which was released in 2019. Given that the game won the title of best game of the year at the 2019 Game Awards in competition with titles such as Death Stranding and Resident Evil 2, it is obvious that expectations for Miyazaki’s next title will also increase.

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