Paramount+’s Infinite Review: Mark Wahlberg’s Sci-Fi Thriller Thinks It’s A Franchise-Starter, But It’s A Big Dud

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Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite doesn’t waste any time telling the audience exactly what kind of movie it is, and in doing so it throws up some major red flags. In the run-up to its opening action sequence, a Mark Wahlberg voice over plays that unleashes a big fat exposition dump on the audience – blatantly explaining to the audience the core sci-fi idea at the center of the plot. It’s not only an immediate warning that this is a production that is willing to cut corners in its storytelling, but it also screams that the blatant explanation was deemed necessary because the rest of the film fails to communicate its ideas coherently. As it turns out, both are true… and those are just two of many issues that make themselves apparent throughout, ranging from misguided to straight-up bad.

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