One Strange Rock Series Promotes Collaboration Among Education Professionals and Science Enthusiasts Review

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The One Strange Rock Series is a great way to get children excited about science. It tells the exciting (and sometimes scary) tale of how some astronauts made rocks that carried live organisms on them. One strange rock in particular, called Opportunity, made headlines around the world.

In the One Strange Rock Series, a group of NASA scientists plans several unusual ways to use six,400 planters to tell the story of the formation of the moon and Mars. One interesting thing about the One Strange Rock Series is that it uses actual data and real stories from real mission success. As part of the series, they showed off the One Strange Rock experiment, which showed that NASA scientists were able to make one strange rock survive several years in extreme weather conditions.

The One Strange Rock Series took questions from viewers via an online survey. The survey asked what the audience thought about some of the scientific concepts. One idea was that the rocks that astronauts would wear on their missions would have microbes on them, just as if they were walking around in a zoo with a bunch of different animals. One odd suggestion was to actually allow the astronauts to wear one strange rock each time they wore a space helmet.

One movie in the series also included some great special effects, as well as some unique graphics. One thing that really jumped out at me was when the author of the One Strange Rock told the audience that the rock would not be destroyed upon re-entry into the planet earth. Could this be the reason why so many people love science centers so much? One also noticed a lot of students in science centers who loved the One Strange Rock Series. Apparently, this series was also very popular with high school students.

Strange ROCK Website

One Strange Rock also included a great many visuals for its interactive features. There were several scenes on the One Strange Rock website which seemed to indicate that more science educational activities may be in the works. One site featured a countdown to the One Strange Rock festival, which had already started in June. One day before the festival, a message was posted on the One Strange Rock website stating that there would be two more One Strange Rock videos released on the same day. The two videos are said to contain ten and fifteen minute episodes, respectively, which will feature new content from NASA, and One Strange Rock video artists. I’m expecting some great visuals from these upcoming One Strange Rock episodes.

Hopefully we will see many more One Strange Rock videos from various science centers and educators across the country. One strange idea is that NASA and the schools are participating in the One Strange Rock Series will be able to help save the environment. A plant can produce 22l of oxygen for every 150g of carbon dioxide. This is because plants are able to use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, thus making carbon dioxide a cleaner fuel. In addition to saving our planet, this One Strange Rock video production will also help to educate millions of youth about social media applications in education. Perhaps schools will consider partnering with these two entities to further their goal of making science fun and interesting.

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