Nirvana Inn Movie Review 2020

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We all know how our Bollywood is and what type of movies they make but there are still many Indian film hidden treasure. Such Indian treasure is Nirvana Inn which is one epic movie & it is still hidden from many viewers and audience. In order to describe it, we need to know it contains its contents can be described as suspense, mystery and thriller although these words can not describe the movie properly. Lets see what the movies has, Nirvana Inn Movie Review 2020.

The film name is Nirvana Inn, it is a Hindi-language psychological horror. It is directed by Vijay Jayapal and it was released in 2019. It is officially available in Hindi only but if you are not comfortable with Hindi then you can use of English Subtitle in order to understand the movie. You will love the movie once you watch it.

Nirvana Inn Movie Review 2020

Movie Plot & Storyline Of Nirvana Inn

The movie story start in Mountain of Himalayas where in the between the forest there is a mysterious resort named Nirvana far away from the city area, where people come to visit, and they get stuck into the resort. The responsibility of the resort is given to a new care taker whose name is Jogi, who was usually used to be a Boat man in Assam. Due to some mis-happening he decided to start a new journey of his life in Mountains of Himalaya. But he didn’t have any idea that what’s going to happen with him in next few days.

After Few days some people start checking-in into his resort who is not part of this world instead some of those people have lost their life some years back. In simple language you can call them as a ghost but this is not the only problem there is one stranger who is hidenned is face with ghost mask he is want to kill the Jogi. In night the devils voices which is coming from the terrace both these things has worried Jogi very much and because of that he is in very much fear.

Twist In Nirvana Inn

The Twist is here is that the people have come to resort after their death. In that Jogi Lover Mohini is also there in between that who want to take the incomplete love to destination. But the biggest hurdle in between is the Ghost story writer who’s name is Leela. She has came to resort to find the ghost then she also get into the love of Jogi.

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Questions Arising In Movie

Now you must having questions that who is that stranger and why he want to kill Jogi. And the guest who are Ghost in reality what they want from Jogi. In between Mohini and Leela Jogi will choose whom. If you want answers of all these questions then you must have to watch the movie “Nirvana Inn”.

Psychological Horror

In Indian Cinema you must have seen many movies related to category like Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Action and Suspense. But first time you will watch a Indian movie based on Psychological Horror. You will be astonished with the screenplay, in starting 6 minutes of movie. Not even single dialogue is been spoken but with the help of music and visuals fear is in build in your heart. A film who doesn’t require words in order to explain its the story to you is something else.

Based On Real Incidents

This story is based on real incidents which happens with the directors of the Movie. When you will start watching this movie then keep one thing in mind that one person has personally gone through all such things which are happening in movie. The Movie Title “Nirvana” is dedicated towards salvation.

So must watch this full movie if you haven’t watch any horror or mysterious movie from long time. It will blow your mind as it based on real incidents.

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