New Details Announced By Venom 2 Director Looks Amazing

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If you have seen any Spider Man movies, then I can say this with 100% surety that you too are Venom fan. Venom is not just a character or movies its a emotion for many people doesn’t matter who they are. New Details Announced By Venom 2 Director Looks Amazing.

New Details Announced By Venom 2 Director Looks Amazing

As we all know that second installment of Venom movies franchise is coming out soon. And we all are hyped and exited about it. So a little detail about it quite well for fans to get hyped about the upcoming movies.

Well, if you are looking for some new details about Venom 2 then I’m sure this new announcement by the director himself.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Sarkis has confirmed that the film will only last 90 minutes. This is while Venom’s previous film was 112 minutes.

Sarkis said about this:

Venom 2 is an exciting experience that wastes no time in achieving the main battle between the deadly protector, Venom, and the super-deadly negative character, Carnegie.

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He also said in a Q&A on IGN Instagram:

This movie should have been shorter. We always wanted the film to be an exciting experience and to tell a fast story. Not to waste the audience time with theatrical content. I believe that by doing so, we have achieved a balance between all the characters. Of course, do not think that we have reduced the quality of the film because it shows the struggles sooner.

The story of this film is written by the author of the previous film, Kelly Marcel, with the help of its actor, Tom Hardy. Marcel said:

We wanted to show the massacre earlier in the story and not waste extra time getting there.

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