Nail Polish Movie Review 2021

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Tell us truly when you have watch up in any movie Judge Banging up the hammer in court. That in court you get chance to announce up any decision. If Anil Kapoor can be CM of one day in Nayak then we can also become the judge of one day. So Lets get started with Nail Polish Movie Review 2021.

The movie is ZEE5 original content which was released on 1st January 2021. The movie features, Arjun Rampal, Manav Kaul, Anand Tiwari, it features a suspensive and thriller story. Its a must go movie for all.

Nail Polish Movie Review 2021

Cruel Act In Uttar Pradesh: True Story?

Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow, reputation of it get worst after getting burned dead bodies of two children’s. Veer Singh is being accused of that incident who is a an patriot and Indian secret officer and after that Veer Singh goes to jail. The responsibility to fight his case gets to a famous lawyer Jay Singh who will get seat of Rajya Sabha if he wins the case of Veer Singh. On other side there is an normal and honest lawyer who work on Truth and Honesty who is fighting the case of those two children’s.

Case Depth In Nail Polish

Now what is case lets understand it in deep. There two innocent small kids whose body is being burned. But not only that before and after there death they was also sxual assaulted. Means the person who has done this shameless and inhuman thing is animal in face of human.

Real Twist In Movie

The real twist is that the Person who is sitting in court have face of veer Singh, body of Veer Singh but brain of someone else. More things we can’t tell otherwise whole mood of this film will be spoil. But the biggest point here is that how much it’s right to give punishment to body if the mistake is done by brain.

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Have you ever hear about where in court one person turned into another person in the eyes of people. So who is hidden behind the face of this innocent human being the person who has killed two children and done the inhuman activity with them or brave officer of the country.

Psychological Thriller

Nail Polish is psychological thriller who entangled you with every new scene of the movie. The Film USP is the subplots behind its main story. Now the thing which make Nail Polish different from other Bollywood movies which is Open-ending. Means the films who has to be ended by audience like Andhadhun or Stree. That’s why this film climax is incomplete but challenging.

Acting Performances

There are some scenes which is to be avoided by people who have weak heart. Manav Kaur has done phenomenal acting in the movie. Anybody should learn with him that how to play 3-4 characters with one face. Arjun Rampal has also done good acting who another level swag. Who is the Hero or Villain in the film is very difficult to find out.

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