Master 2021 Movie Review

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It’s written and director is Lokesh Kanagaraj and produced by Xavier Britto. In leading role their are Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi. Its total 3 hour film. ANd it holds more surprising things that you would love. Lets see what 2021 holds, Master 2021 Movie Review.

A masterpiece movies that’s released till now in 2021. A confusing yet a awesome movie. Too many door to unlock yet we don’t have a key.

Master 2021 Movie Review

Movie Overview

If we talk about film story in deep. Then this story is of Alcoholic professor who’s name is JD. Now this professor is drunk all the time and very careless for his life and not have any care for others also. But he care for his student very much and students also likes up its professor very much. Now after some time this professor is being suspended from college and sent to juvenile home.

Now in this juvenile home there many of the dangerous crime is taking place. Will JD able to stop up this crime which is going up in this center or not and will be able to give right direction to the children’s who are residing there in the center or not ,all this is the whole story of film.

Film Leading Characters Role

Apart from that Vijay Sethupathi Character is villain in the Film with name Bhawani in Film. Now they have also shown up the Back story of Bhawani. Bhawani have been shown cruel and unkind in the movie. Now will JD able to stop the Bhawani or not, all this is being shown up in the movie.

Our Experiences From Film

If we tell about our experience of the film in 1 or 2 lines we will say that Its an Over the top Crime Thriller means all the Vijay Sethupathi fans will enjoy this film. But if you are not fan of Vijay Sethupathi then you will not able to enjoy up then movie much. This film can little bit disappoint them. The main focus was only on the Leading characters. Only not on supporting characters much those characters proper development was not made. Because of that in starting of the act where director have to put much focus on characters development that is only film weakest part.

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You will must see Vijay or Vijay Sethupathi in all act of movie. If we talk about these two actors only then JD proper character development is not being made in the movie. Lets say in starting of movie its shown that JD is careless and at the same time care for students also. But when he goes to
juvenile home there he didn’t care of students at all. Means that characters looks little bit confusing in the movie.

Fan Sharing Movements and Actors Performance

If we talk about performance then Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi both of them in the movie have given many Fan sharing moments to their fans in the movie. Specially we like the performance of Vijay Sethupathi in the movie. Apart from that in juvenile home the performance of one little child was
also good. Apart from performance the message which is given against the Addiction of drugs, alcohol in the movie was very good.


If we sum-up then we will says that if you are Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi fan then you will enjoy up this movie very much. But if you are not their fans then you can watch this movie one not take so much expectation for it.

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