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Mahabharat Series: Five Myths About Mahabharat is a three part Mahabharat TV show. The first part of the show examines the life of King Mahabharat (actor Vijay and series co-creators Suraj Badhja), who lead the story. The second part consists of an extended overview of the Mahabharat period (which spans almost two thousand years). In the third part, Mahabharat takes a look at the various Mahabharat monuments and other places of importance from the time of the period. Part one of Mahabharat Series chronicles the life of the king, while part two chronicles the impact that has on the people during the day to day lives of humans.

Mahabharat Series: Five Myths About Mahabharat is produced by Star network along with Rajkumar Films, a company which is associated with the lucrative genre of tele-scripting. The main characters in the television series are Ashish Kumar, Madhubala, Priyadarshan Soman Nair, Jai Mahabharat and Sonu Soman Nair. Ashish Kumar plays the role of Vijay, the title character, while Jai Mahabharat is the protagonist of the series. It is interesting to note that this film is the first entry in the Mahabharat Series, and it is sure to become a hit with the audiences.

Mahabharat Series: Five Myths About Mahabharat is very entertaining, with a lot of zing in every frame. The story follows the events that happen at the court of King Mahabharat as he tries to get things done his way. It is a great epic showing the charm of the era of Mahabharat and it is bound to be a success among the kids, teenagers and adults too.

Mahabharat TV Series: The title song from the Mahabharat Series is called ‘Shuddha Maha Mahabharat’, and this is indeed a wonderful tune that will add just the right touch to your programme. The lyrics speak about the greatness that is meant to overcome all obstacles and the reason why the Mahabharat Series is so popular among the masses is because of this single tune. The song itself narrates about the story of Mahabharat and the fabulous Mahabharat Queen. The words begin with the backdrop of the fabulous warrior-king’s rule over the lands, and then it goes on to speak about the beautiful princess who was betrothed to him.

Mahabharat The Legend Story – HINDU

The story goes on to narrate how the two lovers got together, and how their love changed the Mahabharat land forever. They ruled over it for thirty-seven years, and then divided the land amongst themselves. The narration of the Mahabharat Series then goes on to narrate about the story of the Mahabharat warriors when they encountered the demon Narakasura in the forest of Mahabharat. Narakasura was defeated by the Mahabharat queen Asha and was thereafter transformed into a bird, which then returned to take Asha to her homeland. This shows that the Mahabharat Series really deals with a very interesting and catchy theme, as the Mahabharat queen and king is transformed into birds!

The Mahabharat series has been on television since sometime, but it was the first season that really pulled the audience to it. The Mahabharat Series is also known for the high production value that is observed throughout the series. A perfect example of this is the way in which the Mahabharat episodes are shot. When the director has decided that a particular shot is absolutely crucial to the success of the episode, he or she will not only go all out in ensuring that the shot is the best possible one, but will also go to considerable lengths to ensure that all viewers get to appreciate the importance of that shot. For this reason, it is easy to appreciate why Mahabharat has been one of the most successful episodes of the daily soap!

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