Fall Guys Joins Fortnite Creator Epic Games

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An unexpected venture has been formed between two gaming studios. Fall Guys Joins Fortnite Creator Epic Games.

The development team of Tonic Games Group, the creator of the popular game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for MediaTonic, joins the Epic Games subsidiary.

Fall Guys Joins Fortnite Creator Epic Games

According to an official statement from the Epic Games website , the team of Tonic Games developers responsible for making Battle Royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for MediaTonic Studios and Diwali Digital has been acquired by Epic Games. 

According to the statement, fans will not see any change in the game and that Epic Games is trying to provide this fascinating experience for players of different platforms by investing in Fall Guys . Nintendo Switch, Xbox X Series | S and Xbox One get this game.

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Dave Bailey ( Dave Bailey ) founder and CEO of Group tonic Gymz in this regard stated that:

“We at Tonic have always believed that everyone deserves to experience games that feel like they were made for them. Now, in Epic, we feel like we are in a new house, as if it was built for us from the beginning. “They always welcome games that have a positive impact on the audience and support their creators, and we are very excited to join this team.”

Paul Craft ( Paul Croft ) co-founder and chief executive of the studio tonic games Gymz further adds that:

“Beyond the shared vision that exists between our teams, we see great potential in combining our forces with Epic Games. This potential force can be quite effective in making our games as good as possible as well as providing opportunities to work with other developers to achieve business success. “In any case, we know that by working together we will reach higher peaks.”

Tim Sweeney ( Tim Sweeney ), founder and CEO of Epic Games said in response to the news:

“It is clear to everyone that Epic Games has always been determined to provide the best interactive environment between users and games, and Tonic Games pursues the same goal. As Epic Games strives to build this virtual future, we will need creative talent who knows how to produce strong, high-quality experience and content. »

Undoubtedly, this event will lead to Fortnite working closely with Fall Guys . Given the impressive success of Battle Royale Mediatonic, which sold 11 million copies on the PC platform as of December last year alone, it makes sense that Epic Games and Fall Guys studio’s venture would have drawn such attention to the game and its creators.

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