Enola Holmes Philosophy & Review

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Although Netflix releases so many series and movies which are its original content. But only few work quite well, just like the success of Netflix’s Extraction movie which has invited a sequel to it with success of its first part. Enola Holmes, and Netflix original content did superb on it. Gathering more than expected viewers to itself making itself one of the most watched movie on Netflix. Lets see what made it so good, Enola Holmes Philosophy & Review.

Enola Holmes is from the Sherlock franchise. The franchise already has 2 successful movies and a TV series which ran for 4 seasons. And season 5 for the series will be coming soon. The movie follows Enola, younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes, as she run away from her home to find her mom.

Enola Holmes Philosophy & Review

Enola’s Family In Enola Holmes

So first of all we will talk about story of film in deep for that first we will talk about family of Enola Holmes. Enola Holmes is sister of Sherlock Holmes and obviously its based on Enola Holmes who is protagonist of this story so we can say it as a feminist film. In movie its shown that she is very Brilliant, smart, intelligent and strong in movie. Enola Holmes mother is shown very progressive, modern minded woman in the movie and she has trained up Enola from her childhood in that way only.

What Happen When Enola Turns To 16 Year?

When Enola turn to 16 year old then at that day Enola Mom left the Home without informing anyone. After that there is entry of Enola two big brother who left the home in their childhood only to build their career. But they comeback again to look after Enola. After they comeback we came to know that Enola Big Brother have a very backward thinking about woman’s. That’s the reason he sent Enola to finishing school so that she can learn how the society work. And how can she live the society following rules and and can get married.

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Now the Second brother who is Enola’s another brother Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is of neutral thinking neither he is of backward thinking nor modern thinking. He doesn’t do much interfere in anybody decisions. Now if we talk about politics then here also Mycroft is very clear about his political thoughts but Sherlock many of the times in movies its shown that he is not very much interested in politics. After coming of Mycroft and Sherlock in home very much boundations are put on Enola. These all boundations are not liked by Enola at all. She is very worried when her mother left home without telling anyone. Thats why she left home in order to find her mom.

2nd Part Of Story Begins With!

Enola left her home to investigate where does her mom is. The second part of story is important things which is being tell in the movie is regarding Reform Bill. The Whole story evolves around this reform bill only. England’s 120 years ago time period was shown in the movie where women has down level in society. Where they don’t have equal rights they have shown the backward society culture in the movie. In this condition only one reform bill is going to announced in which many people are in favors of it and some are not.

Now Enola’s mother obviously was in favors of that bill and her big brother Mycroft is not favors of that bill. I’m the support of that Enola mother have left her home. Where if we talk about Sherlock that as we told he didn’t have interest in politics and don’t have to interfere.

Sum Up Of Whole Story

Now apart from that there is also character of one prince who ran away from his home. When Enola have left her home and finding her mom so in between the path Enola and that Prince meet with each other. Now here the character of Prince can give vote in support of reform bill because her
grandmother want to kill him and she don’t want that this reform bill shall even pass. So this is the full story of Enola Holmes Movie.

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