Doordarshan Movie Review 2021

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With the beginning of new year lets not forget the late release of 2020. There are plenty of movies with were released late 2020, such is Doordarshan a underrated but a awesome movie. Lets get into Doordarshan Movie Review 2021.

Its writer and director is Gagan Puri and in leading role their are Manu Rishi Chadha, Mahie Gill, Dolly Ahluwalia. The actors have played a very good and quite breathe taking acting.

Doordarshan Movie Review 2021

Movie Overview

If we talked about film story. So Sunil live with his son and daughter in his friend house on rent. His friend name is Goldie but don’t want to keep him in his house because from so many years Sunil is living in his house at a very low rent price. But Goldie had a childhood friendship with Sunil that’s why he is not able to say something to Sunil and Sunil mother’s also in coma from last 30 years because of all these reasons he is not able to remove Sunil from his house.

Sunil Mother Wake Up After 30 Years

One day Sunil Mothers come out of Coma after 30 years. The reason because of which she come out of coma is very bizzare. Sunil’s son is reading up prn magazine with one of his friend after hearing up that Sunil mother wake up from coma. After that doctors tell that don’t tell any shocking news to
his mother otherwise she can get a shock of that. So everyone decide that nobody will tell her that she was in coma from 30 years. We will only tell that she was in coma from last 6 months only. After that in the room in which his mother was resting and from 30 years they recreate up the whole room
according to 30 years back.

The Generation Gap

After that how Sunil take care of his mother all these things are being shown up in funny way. Apart from that he tell that his own son and daughter as a servant of their house to his mother. He tell to his mother that still we go to school they have get thyroid because of which there body is become very thick. All these things they have covered up in the film and strench it till last.

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But in end the Sunil’s mother get to know that from 30 years she is in Coma after that when she go to road see that how are the people of today’s world nobody has care of anyone, people have become very selfish, they don’t care about their family, all the manners have been lost up. The generation gap which she see after watching all this she get very upset.

Climax and Ending

The ending part is very much good which should be given more time in the film but they have given it hardly only 5 minutes. Rest in whole movie there is comedy of no sense. After that the film basic plot means the real story that after 30 years his mother wake up and then they recreate all the old time. In starting it looks good but after that they have stretched it so much that it become very difficult to believe on that.

Movie Rating

Rest all the characters of the film was very good and has done good job. But the directors should have work more on story. If we sum-up the film concept was good. Its an one time watch movie. You can watch it on Netflix. We will give it 6.5 out of 10 stars.

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