District 9 Movie Sequel Confirmed

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The famous movie, District 9 is too hyped for a sequel. And now its confirmed, District 9 Movie Sequel Confirmed. Approval of making the District 9 movie sequel.

District 9 director Neil Bloomcamp has confirmed that the script for the sci-fi sequel is being written in collaboration with the writers of the first installment.

District 9 Movie Sequel Confirmed

In the latest movie and TV news , the District 9 movie sequel is under construction. The director of this sci-fi film, Neil Bloomcamp , tweeted on his official Twitter page that the writing process for the District 10 film has begun, and that Charlotte Capley and Terry Thatchel will be writing the script for the sequel, just like the first part.

However, more information is not available right now. BloomCamp has previously worked with Capley and Tachel on District 9, as well as Chappie (Left), which was released in 2015.

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Although the news of the making of the District 9 movie sequel can be exciting, the script writing process has just begun and it is not clear at this time what we are going to see in the District 10 movie, and Bloom Camp has not provided further details. District 9, directed by Peter Jackson and based on the short film Alive in Joburg, directed by Neil Bloomcamp, was released in 2009 and was critically acclaimed.

District 9 was also nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Special Effects, Best Editing, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture of the Year, but ultimately failed to win an Academy Award. In addition, District 9, which grossed about $ 30 million, grossed more than $ 210.8 million worldwide. In Region 9, actors such as Charlotte Capley, Jason Cope, William Allen Young, Robert Hope, Kenneth Nossi, and Vanessa Howwood star in the film.

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