Delay In Need Of Speed Battlefield

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Electronic Arts recently announced that the release of a new version of the Need For Speed ​​series. Delay In Need Of Speed Battlefield.

The new game Need Of Speed Battlefield, has been delayed due to the collaboration between Criterion Games Studio and Dice to produce Battlefield 6.

Delay In Need Of Speed Battlefield

Not so long ago, when there were no games like Forza and Gran Turismo , the Need For Speed collection was the flagship of racing style. A popular series that was able to attract many fans by presenting an attractive and innovative personalization system. More than 25 years have passed since the introduction of the first version of this series, and fans have endured many ups and downs.

This time, however, the work is to be made by Criterion Games Studios, which has shown its expertise in developing racing games in the Burnout series.

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While as a recent tradition, many were waiting to experience a new version of the popular Need for Speed ​​series, in the latest game news, hours ago, Electronic Arts officially confirmed that due to the collaboration of Criterion Games with Dice to produce Battlefield 6, the new version was delayed by one year. The Need For Speed ​​series will be released.

Laura rod , a senior officer of Electronic Arts studio polygons in an interview with the media, confirmed the news during an outbreak of corona viruses and it is difficult to telework as one of the main reasons this is happening. “The process of producing a great Battlefield game is underway.

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The construction team is working hard on this project. Last year we had to work remotely and from inside our homes, so it was a very difficult year. Building and developing a game from inside the house is very difficult. Arts Studio Dice is a little tired. We have a game with tremendous potential.

We work to bring and deliver a great version of Battlefield. With the acquisition of Codemasters and the development of at least one new racing game, it makes sense to delay the release of Need For Speed. 

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