Days Gone Pc Version Will Lack 2 Key Graphic Features

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The final release of Days Gone for PC Version will be missing 2 most anticipated key graphic features. Why will they be missing and what are other? Days Gone Pc Version Will Lack 2 Key Graphic Features. But hopefully other game features will make up for the lack of both.

Days Gone Pc Version Will Lack 2 Key Graphic Features

Days Gone will be released on PC in less than ten days and is expected to offer a lot of graphic features to PC gamers, except for two things. Recently, a post of frequently asked questions about the Days Gone PC port was published, which shares important information about the release, as well as technical details such as the required system and the proposed game. 

Part of this FAQ relates to two specific features that many modern games on powerful computers support, namely Ray Tracing and DLSS, which help increase the game’s frame rate.

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Unfortunately, these two features will not be available in Days Gone. Of course, we did not expect to see these two features in the game. Especially beam tracking, because this game was made on PlayStation 4 without using this technology. But the lack of DLSS is a little more disappointing; Death Stranding, released for PC last year, supported this feature. However, if the game is well ported, computers running new graphics cards will not need it at all.

Despite the absence of these two items, Days Gone wants to satisfy gamers with its many graphic features. Support for infinite frame rates, UltraWide monitors and aspect ratios, change the field of view (FOV) to 100, HDR and, of course, numerous options to increase or decrease the quality of various aspects of the game’s graphics are what Sony has promised for this port.

Days Gone will be released for PC on May 18 via Steam and the Epic Games Store

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