Covert Affairs Review – Mad Men’s Happy Ending

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Each of the five seasons of Mad Men featured their respective stars in at least one episode, building to a climactic final episode of each season. The Mad Men Series Finale was the most recent, featuring Don Draper as the series’ main character. The final episode of Mad Men featured a long and slow reveal of everything that had happened over the course of the whole series, with every character getting a chance to say something of importance. It was a highly emotional moment for all of the characters involved. Below we are going to look at Mad Men Series Finale facts and tell you what you missed.

Mad Men Series Finale Facts The Mad Men Series Finale marked the end of the show’s first season, bringing it to an end and finally putting the characters to rest. As the credits rolled, it became immediately apparent that Don Draper was indeed “the good man” to have inherited Betty’s position at the advertising firm. The credits then cut to black, and a montage of the entire series was shown, featuring all of the actors from the show – Don Draper, Betty Draper, Roger Sterling, Peggy Olsen, Elizabeth Hurley, etc. – as they said their goodbyes to the audience. Finally, the credits rolled yet again and the show ended.

What Happens at the End of the Mad Men Series Finale We previously saw Don Draper slowly fading away, and it looked as though the audience were ready to see him go. However, in the Mad Men Series finale, Don Draper took a much longer time to completely fade away, as he managed to hold on to his inner peace and sense of purpose. He managed to get past his sense of despair, as he realised how lucky he was to have found Betty, with whom he shared a life filled with happiness and contentment. Then, he went on to a long and fulfilling marriage, which meant that he was no longer in need of money for the simple pleasures of life. His business was thriving, and he had finally achieved true inner peace.

So what does this have to do with the Mad Men series? Well, the Mad Men series finale, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is the series conclusion, and we’ve recently seen the credits for this episode, featuring all of the main actors from the show. Don Draper, headed up by the late Peter Campbell, was last seen embracing Marilyn Monroe, after having been fired from the coca cola advert.

Campbell looked miserable, having seemingly accepted his fate at the end of the Mad Men Series. But he quickly put those feelings to rest, saying that he felt “really great”. Meanwhile, Peggy Olsen was sitting next to Roger Sterling, enjoying the last moments of their time together. The credits then flashed forward to a montage of the happy ending, featuring all of the actors from the very end, which showed both men embracing their wives.

This is when I started to get worried about what exactly went wrong with Mad Men. Don Draper left the show before it reached the happy ending that we had all hoped for. I began to worry that this could be an indication that there are more holes to be discovered within the Mad Men series. Could this be the start of the advertising campaign for Covert Affairs?

But I didn’t have to wait until the credits started to flash. Then I realised… That isn’t the end of Mad Men. Don Draper is still alive, thanks to a bullet that saved his life. He survived and so do we. And if you want to find out why this series ended in such a happy ending, or why you should watch Covert Affairs with a huge amount of anticipation, then this is the review for you.

I’m not sure why Covert Affairs has become such a buzzy show, or why it has such a grip on us fans of Mad Men. I guess its success can be attributed to two elements. Firstly, its incredibly suspenseful and exciting build up leading up to the happy ending. Another reason might be the lead characters. So many of us have grown up with Mad Men and seeing these two characters together in a romantic comedy is enough to make us jump out of our skins.

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