Cobra Kai Web Series Review

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You must have seen the karate kid movie. Here we want to ask you a question that if you have a kid who is very innocent and you have never seen him fighting with anybody. But after learning karate he enter into competition he will be getting hurt in that fight. So how will you make yourself accept this and or how you will take this pressure. What is the best option do you have in your mind and what will you do? Lets see what is this series about, Cobra Kai Web Series Review.

Newly Netflix released series, Cobra Kai is karate based series. The series is about finding redemption, it follows Johnny Lawrence as he seeks redemption of his past life.

Cobra Kai Web Series Review

Overview Of Cobra Kai

The karate kid is like that there is one boy who is very innocent he came from another place and enter into new school where some another boys do ragging of him and do fight with him. In order to take revenge from them he learn karate and in end there is very big tournament where Good boy fight
with Bad boy and in end as you know that Good boy win and Movie Finish. But will life ends there. Have you ever thought the movie that we watch Good vs Bad after end of the movie what will happen with the characters of the movie.

This thing we have seen in the Cobra Kai. In which maybe you believe or not that in movie the boy who was Bad Boy become good person in series. Its very difficult to tell at this point because Cobra Kai series have a very strong point. You will not be able to differentiate that what is good side and what is bad side. If we see both boys are good according to their point of view. In series you will see bad character but not bad side. This things will have great effect on you in series as fight between both the boys. You will not be able to understand that you have to take side of which boy. Both are fighting and both are correct at their places.

Insane Acting By Actors

If you have any problem in English then its Hindi Dubbed is also available. After watching this web series you will be fanned of some characters. This show sound track is on fire. Cobra Kai show primarily focus on karate which is full of action and not only that its also full of Humour. Dialogues are really good. Action, karate, Rivalry all these was very much exciting.

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Specially in season 1 because all the actors in the show after watching them it will look like they know karate very well. As we have say in the beginning you will not be able to figure out who is villain and who is hero. When they fight is very exciting to watch and its very difficult to predict that what will happen further which is very important in any fight scene. Karate fight scene shooting is done in very good way and background music with it make you feel like to learn karate.

Little Problems Which Can Be Ignored

Now if we talk about problems. Truly there are no such big problems in it. There are some small little aspect which can be improve or change. At some point there is shown very much drama. There first season was so much first awesome with another style and another tone which was missing in second season. But it doesn’t mean that Season 2 is very bad you don’t have to see. You must have to watch season 2 when the end will came you will get full reward.

Watch on Netflix

On Netflix it is officially available and released only 2 season. If you were finding for action web series then it will be the best web series for you.

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