Cobra Kai Season 3 Review

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If you want to watch web series who have doesn’t have many seasons, not much time get consume while watching it, Hindi dubbed is available of that and at the same time it should be good to watch. Then Cobra Kai is the perfect recommendation for that. We already wrote a detailed review of Cobra Kai Web Series Review. So lets see Cobra Kai Season 3 Review what it holds.

The Netflix original series, Cobra Kai series is one of the successful series of Netflix. Its so successful that Netflix despite being cutting budget gave it a season 3 recently. The series has a lot more going than you will notice.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Review

Have You Heard About Cobra Kai Series?

If you are in those category of people who didn’t know about Cobra Kai or hearing its name for first time. Then we are giving you up a short intro of Cobra Kai. It is an action web series where you will see karate fighting. Basically there are two mindsets in the series regarding karate and in between clash. All the three seasons have built structure on this thing only. One side you will see karate where they say Strike first, Strike Hard, No Mercy, Be Aggressive and on other side they say learn karate for defense in order to save yourself not to kill or beat others.

After hearing all that you must be thinking that the aggressive side of karate who’s group name is Cobra Kai they will be bad guys But no there point of view is also correct as they says that life show no mercy then why should we. So because of this basic difference you will not be able to judge that who is hero and who is villain. Because of which this web series become more awesome and unique.

Villain’s Philosophy Is Right!

All the 2 seasons of this webs series have already come before and the third season has come in January 2021.Which has set a very good move of New Year. In this Cobra Kai web series we personally like two things most. First is Drama and other one is karate fight. Because that drama work very
well in the web series as we have told you earlier that you will not be able to decide that who is Hero and who is villain. The other things is the characters which is being shown in the web series that is also phenomenal.

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One character says a very good dialogue in the movie that “Every person wants to do right only in his/her perspective”. This thing only they have carry forward with them in the season 3.In season 2 the person which looks bad guy in the web series they have given him a back story in the web series where you will understand his point of view that whatever he is doing what’s the reason behind that.

Most Likeable Character

If we talk about characters then in the whole show We Like the Character of Johnny Lawrence the most. He and the modern technology are like match made in heaven. There is a scene in series where the backbone of the boy is broken and he has taken up surgery from Professional doctor and doctor has said that maybe he will not be able to walk in his life. Then Johnny goes to google and check how to fix broken legs. And there many scene like this. That’s why Johnny character is very much like in this web series.

Karate Scenes Look Real

Till Now all the karate fighting scenes which see in the movie is been like very much. The way these scenes were shoot and the choreography behind that scenes. Many times its look like that actors have done fighting scenes by themselves. But after watching behind the scenes it came to know that no all the stunts mans have done that scenes. So that’s why they hide up the these scenes in a way which look very much real.

On a note at which season 3 is ending we can’t wait for season 4 of Cobra Kai.So lets see how awesome or insane will be the season 4.

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