Chhalaang Movie Review Worth Watching?

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One of the growing star of Bollywood who has talented skills in acting, Yeah its Rajkumar Rao. We all know how Rajkumar Rao acting skills are, he is one of the versatile actors in Bollywood. His recently released movies, shows how focused he is. Lets see how his movie is, Chhalaang Movie Review Worth Watching?

Star Cast and Director Of Chhalaang: The movie doesn’t star top notch celebrity, that a great point but the star in movies have done quite a breathe taking acting. Its main star is Rajkumar Rao, Nusrat Balocha and it is directed by Hansal Mehta who’s this year web series scam 1992 has become very much popular in audience. So will this movie will able to compete with Scam 1992. So let know about this.

Chhalaang Movie Review Worth Watching?

Overview Of Chhalaang

In movie Rajkumar Rao is playing a role of P.T. teacher name as “Montu” in school of Haryana. His work is to trained students for physical training but he don’t do his work perfectly. But the twist come into the movie when a beautiful teacher come into his school to teach students after some times the dashing macho man senior P.T. teacher also joined the school. Now he is being banged from both sides.

The Nusrat Balocha the female teacher is being attracted towards Senior P.T. teacher which is not being seen by Montu. So he challenge his senior P.T. teacher that you made your team with your favorite players and I will compete with the rest students who is not so good in sports. Then they had different matches between them. And who is going to win in end that you will get to know when you will watch the full movie.

Facts About Movie

The thing which can be a drawback for a movie that its story very much predictable. RajKumar Rao who brilliantly perform in all of his movie so on the same line in this movie also he has done great job. And rest all the other actors have performed very well. But all the funny scenes which is being put in the movie in that the majority is done by Saurabh Shukla.

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Many of the times you will be laughed when you will see his expressions the way he react on any scene. You will see many of the emotional scenes in the movie. And in end all the actions in sports which is being put in the movie is being presented and directed in a very good way. Overall Chhalaang is an Good Movie which you can watch one time.

Overall Thought About Movie

So why we have says that you can watch up this movie one time. As we have said it earlier that the movie story quite get predictable that’s why you can’t watch the movie second time. But it doesn’t meant at at all that movie is not good. Movie is very much good and funny there very much comedy scenes also. So its an perfect movie which you can watch with your family.

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