Can Bioshock Gaming Series Get A Movie?

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Rumors of making a movie based on BioShock are as old as the series. Even the director of the Caribbean pirate movie series, Gore Verbinksi, was once linked to the project. Can Bioshock Gaming Series Get A Movie?

All these rumors and events happened before 2014 and then the film fell into a news silence. Take-Two does not appear to have any plans to make this film. As a result, Bioshock’s unique storytelling remains forever confined to the world of video games.

Can Bioshock Gaming Series Get A Movie?

The story of the BioShock game series is usually told through tapes recorded by the townspeople before it fell. This is the technique I first saw in System Shock, released in 1994. The Bioshock and Deus Ex series are always referred to as System Shock-inspired titles. But in BioShock, the decisions you make are always like walking on a razor’s edge. For example, you can let the Little Sisters go and become a weak character. Or sacrifice them and gain special abilities.

The problem is that BioShock does not pressure you to make such choices. Killing or not killing Little Sisters does not make it easier for you to reach the finish line. This is a completely mental issue. You can become a human being who takes pity on his choices and does the right thing. Or prioritize getting stronger and decide to close your eyes to a little girl. All of these things happen in the heart of the game and take you with them to the end of the game.

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But when Bioshock appears in the form of a movie, everything looks different. We can see a completely linear story that shows Jack having to sacrifice Little Sisters to become stronger. Maybe there is no choice and one of the most golden moments of the game will be lost. But at least we can experience the BioShock world as it’s supposed to be.

This movie can even improve the ending of the first part of the game. It is enough to remove the so-called end of the story and replace it with something that is more on the story line. The story of the first part of the game was highly acclaimed by users and critics due to its complex philosophy, fascinating rhythm and unexpected events. So it is not unlikely that in the future film companies will give up and want to show us a new version of it. Its available on Steam .

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