Anne With an E-Series – Is it Possible for a Season 2? Honest Review

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Anne with an E-Series is one of the revival shows that has been receiving a lot of attention from critics. It was cancelled for a second season on July 3, 2017, just before its second season renewal. Then in late August, it was finally announced that the series would be returning for a third season. The third season will likely be the run for the series, but there is still no solid word on when it will air or where it will air. However, after months of speculations, many have already started to speculate that the show may already be green-lit for another season. Here are some of the Anne with an E Series facts that have been circulating all over the internet, from various TV networks and even various websites that specialize in TV news.

Firstly, it is being said that the producers are in talks to release a special Anne with an E Series Bonus disc just in time for the release of the third season. It is also said that the bonus disc will feature Amybeth Mcnulty (Etherington) and her husband, Daniel E. Gatzman (Joeyaiman). The couple has been romantically linked all the way back to the very first episode of the first season. The E Series budget that is being discussed is said to be around $30 million.

Secondly, there are also reports that Detour: Anne with an E Series is set to introduce some new characters. This includes Alex Cross, who is a fan favorite and will most probably be appearing in at least one episode of the series. He is played by Ian McShane. The role of Alex Cross however is being mentioned by executive producer John Wells and series co-creators Robert Cooper and Carolccoli as a way to welcome back the old characters that had left for the new seasons.

Anne Series Casting

Also, according to reports, Detour: Anne with an E Series is expected to introduce some new and interesting supporting cast in order to give the story a stronger sense of depth. Some of these characters include Allison Mack as Assistant Dora and Stephanie Powell as Assistant Cherry. These two women join previously acquainted faces like Michael Chiklis and Jennifer Aniston. There are also rumors that actress Alyssa Milano is set to feature as a major character in the story.

Another rumor circulating in the media is that Detour: Anne with an E Series may not be the last of the show’s spinoff series. A few months ago, the producers announced that they are planning for at least four more seasons. Although no exact details have been given by the producers and network executives, the show is still being shot so it can’t be far from being finalized. So, basically, there is still a chance that the story line will continue for another season. This is not too surprising because a lot of people are expecting that after this season, the story line will be concluded.

It is also being said that Detour: Anne with an E Series may be the last installment of the popular animated comedy series about a girl who lives in a small town with only other rabbits. The first season of the show became a huge hit among children and adults alike. If there are plans for a season 2, it would definitely become a huge hit among children and adults. It has already become very successful on both ends of the age spectrum. So, the next time when you watch this show, don’t forget to start speculating about the possible story line for a possible sequel of Anne with an E Series.

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